was a not for profit group devoted to consolidating expertise in responding to the transitional settlement and shelter needs of populations affected by conflict and natural disasters. This website is an archive of work conducted under the name of shelterproject
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shelterproject formed bi-annual international peer review meetings which can be found in the archives. here.
Visit for details on current and future meetings.

publications now available:
latest             top guidelines for the use and procurement of plastic sheeting in humanitarian response
01 March 2007 guidelines for the use and procurement of timber in humanitarian response
01 Feb 2007

5th shelter forum 17th,18th november 2005. visit for more details.
01 june 2005

4th shelter forum 12th,13th may 2005, Geneva. visit for more details.
06 may 2005

6th peer review 4th,5th november 2004, Geneva. 6th peer review and 3rd shelter forum took place at UNDP in Geneva
08 sept 2004

peer review 22-24 October 2003, Brussels. the first shelter forum happened. The second draft of practical field guidelines for the shelter sector was discussed
28 oct 2003

Draft Guidelines for the Transitional Settlement of Displaced Populations (shelter beyond a tent) - (4mb). The first draft of practical field guidelines for the shelter sector
2 may 2003

Second Draft Report on the Transitional Settlement Sector - the report has been revised following comments from the second peer review (01/04/03).
2 may 2003

Shelter After Disaster: Guidelines for Assistance - the original 1982 UNDRO publication is now available at ReliefWeb. Also available in Spanish.
2 may 2003

peer review 3rd meeting 15,16 may 2003
2 may 2003

Summary of Proceedings from 2nd peer review");
20 december 2002

draft report a comparison of technical shelter item specifications available.
1 september 2002

keynote speech for the 2nd peer review by Charles Setchell (USAID/OFDA) available %>
1 november 2002

second peer review for the guidelines project was sucessfully held at the ICRC headquarters geneva. datails available from peer review page.
4 oct 2002

first meeting of the peer-review panel of the guidelines project was successfully held in geneva. the presentations that were made and the latest reports, are available via the page.
12 june 2002

forthcoming first meeting of the peer-review panel of the guidelines project hosted by ICRC Geneva, with meetings on shelter and the revision of the SPHERE standards - see peer review
6-7 june 2002

EPSRC funding received for 18 month research project into cold climate shelter
environmental performance of lightweight emergency structures
24 jan 2002

DFID CHAD funding received for 2 year research project to develop
guidelines for temporary shelter and settlement for displaced populations
14 jan 2002

30 cold climate shelters to be tested by ICRC in afghanistan. full story
dec 2001

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